A Visit To Fantagraphics

fantavisit03 fantavisit04 fantavisit05 fantavisit06 fantavisit07 fantavisit08 fantavisit09 fantavisit10 fantavisit11 fantavisit12 fantavisit13 fantavisit14 fantavisit15 fantavisit16 fantavisit17 fantavisit18 fantavisit19 fantavisit20 fantavisit21 fantavisit22 fantavisit23

I worked at Fantagraphics Books form 1994 to 1999. It was fun most days, and I have fond memories of the place.


4 responses to “A Visit To Fantagraphics

  1. I wonder if the shelves I built in the basement are still there. They were certainly a fire hazard and probably dangerous in many other ways as well.

  2. this looks so much like it used to in 90, i can almost smell the place again.

  3. Kristy Valenti had the wooden library shelves replaced with metal ones sometime in the mid-Aughts.

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