Crosley Our Camp 02

From Camp Crosley, 1921-1996: A 75-Year History of the Muncie YMCA Camp comes this picture of the ’82 staff. At a glance I recognize Terry Jones, Kirby Jo Carpenter, Dan Wright (second from right, third row up), Raina Brubaker, Nola Russell, Merry Lichtenberger, Carol Whose Last Name I Never Remember, Buddy Sleeth, Kerry Carr, Aunt Sally, Andy Diaz and my brother Whit (bottom row, right).

This was a good bunch of counselors and a real generation-ending summer; the next summer the only hold-overs were Terry, Andy and Nola in addition to some of the support staff that didn’t interact with the campers all that much — which is a brutal changing of the guard for a place like this. I remember Kyle Carr came to visit in ’83 and told my brother Whit he felt sorry for me being there! But this, ’82, was a good summer and a good group of young people.


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